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Practice your math speed drills with Flash Cards. This electronic version of classic math flash cards tests your speed at completing a series of math problems up to tables of 12. How fast can you finish a quiz?



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Frequently Asked Questions

What does my score mean?

My score reflects three basic elements of a completed quiz:

Therefore, if you take a quiz of only addition for tables 1 to 1, you'll get a score of 2.0. On the other hand, if you answer 30 questions for all operations for tables 1 to 12 averaging 2 seconds to complete each question, you'll get a score around 100. Larger more complicated quizzes can result in higher scores. Answering questions faster results in a higher score.

Range of possible scores:

Really, how do you compute my score?

For those who really want to know, here is the score formula:


Does this application collect personal information?

No. Flash Cards does not collect personal information. It stores test scores within the user's roaming profile storage. It will allow a user to initiate sharing of scores through the share interface provided by the windows operating system.

Who makes Flash Cards?

BugBytes, Inc.