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Joint Intelligence Preparation of the Operational Environment September 2012 - Present, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel MD. Worked as a software developer supporting a large team of subject matter domain experts creating knowledge bases using semantic web technologies. Responsible for designing and implementing new user interface components for data entry and display leveraging HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Dojo Toolkit, Java, Apache Jena, Apache Jersey and Apache Tomcat.

Wideband SATCOM Operational Management System RMCE Phase II August 2012 - Present, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel MD. Worked with a software development team on a large diverse systems engineering and integration project involving satellite communications. Designed and implemented custom software components integrating into the COTS software system, SolarWinds, facilitating additional system functionality using .NET, SQL Server, JavaScript and ExtJS toolkit.

Flash Cards Windows 8 Store Application. July - October 2012, BugBytes, Inc, Silver Spring, MD. Designed, Implemented and Published a Windows 8 Store Application facilitating the practice and memorization of basic mathematics tables in a math flash card format using XAML/C#.

Assays & System Knowledgebase for BIOdetection (ASK4BIO) Website April 2012 - August 2012, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel MD. Designed and implemented the public facing website for the ASK4BIO system. ASK4BIO is a curated online knowledgebase cataloging the performance and capabilities of assays, instrumented equipment, analyzers, systems and sample collection/preparation kits for biodetection. It aids US government programmatic and operations personnel in identifying, comparing and evaluating assay and instrument capabilities in support of biodetection and biosurveillance programs. The public facing website interfaces with a previously designed information database holding the instruments' performance information. Capabilities of the web interface include: search, advanced search, bookmarks, side-by-side comparisons of features and performance data, security trimming of government-only information and user feedback page. Implementation leverages ASP.NET/MVC, MySQL and Entity Framework technologies.

TSA Transportation Threat Analysis Center (TTAC) IT Modernization (TIM) Project March 2012 - August 2012, Department of Homeland Security, Washington DC. Worked with a diverse group analysts and software developers implementing a novel web based analytics research prototype utilizing graph-store technologies and platforms. This prototype combines a number of emerging technologies and platforms including Neo4J, TinkerPop as well as a host of cutting-edge javascript frameworks supporting the user interface. Responsible for researching and establishing the general framework, structure and patterns of the user interface layer and prototyped the use of gremlin script on the server as an efficient means to extract information from the graph store to be displayed to the user.

JHU/APL Information Technology Active Directory Account Management Tool September 2011 - August 2012, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel MD. Worked as the software developer with a multi-disciplinary team of subject matter experts to define, design and implement new APL user account provisioning and de-provisioning procedures and supporting software. The new system integrates with multiple APL line of business applications, automating much of the rigor required when creating and destroying user accounts as employees join and leave APL. The project began with the maintenance of a simple 1.0 prototype capable of creating user accounts; growing to full the system implementing de-provisioning workflow tracking, operator audit tracking, and business services integration.

Automobile Loan Application Processing System April 2011 - November 2011, Falcon Data, Silver Spring, MD. Created components facilitating the communication between an automobile loan marketplace and an existing loan finance processing system using .NET, XSLT and iTextSharp.

Independent Research and Development (IR&D) Call for Proposals Website March 2011 - August 2011, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel MD. Software Lead in a small team developing the internal laboratory IR&D call for proposals website. This portal aids review of APL IR&D proposals during the laboratory proposal selection process. It provides a user interface where the investigation team can enter the details of their proposal. It tracks each proposal through the review processes, ensuring government review requirements are met prior to proposal approval. Responsible for the design and implementation of database, middleware components and unit tests using SQL Server, ASP.NET and xUnit. Developed user interface prototypes. Assisted with the development of the user interface components and worked with the designer to refine the user experience. Established a continuous build system easing the mechanics of team development.

Online Customer Photograph Proofing Application November 2010 - June 2011, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel MD. Designed and developed a website portal facilitating the review of Photographic Proofs by APL internal customers of the photography group. The system incorporates use of Extensis Portfolio, a custom-off-the-shelf digital asset management system, to manage the photo assets produced by photographers. It also integrates with JobOrder (a COTS project management system). The web portal, implemented with .NET ASP.NET/MVC and SQL Server, ties these two systems together producing the public facing portal used to solicit comments from photo proofs and also serves as a mechanism to deliver digital photography directly to TST customers.

Interactive Desktop Application January 2010 - April 2011, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel MD. Member of a large diverse team developing a large system supporting analysts. Collaborated with UX designer in developing user interface components using .NET, WPF and semantic web technologies to search, browse, display and edit information.

Archive and Retrieval Management System August 2008 - December 2009, Department of Homeland Security, Washington DC. Software lead in a small team that developed a website facilitating the management of external requests for device test event data. Designed a user interface prototype for the web portal incorporating guidance from existing documentation and conceptual prototypes creating the initial specification for the user interface of the website. Co-Authored the software implementation plan presented to the sponsor prior to commencement of development. Architected and implemented the core technologies of the initial design pilot. Established and maintained the automated continuous build system for software components, integrating test driven design concepts into the project. Maintained the project SharePoint site and supported the SCRUM master by taking meeting minutes and performing other coordination activities.

Algorithm Test Bed May 2008 - May 2009, Department of Homeland Security, Washington DC. Member of a team of developers maintaining databases and software to support the analysis of device test and evaluation data using Microsoft .NET and SQL Server technologies. Major contributor to the redesign of the core database containing test and evaluation data to align with emerging analysis needs.

Paperless Forms Management System August 2007 - May 2008, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Washington DC. Member of a federated team of developers building various data management solutions using Microsoft Office InfoPath, SharePoint Server, SQL Server Reporting Services and other .NET 3.0 technologies. Designed and prototyped utilities and core technology components used by other members of the team on various sub-projects.

Case Management System September 2005 - July 2007, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Rockville MD. Member of a team building the next generation of thin client applications for FINRA's Dispute Resolution division using .NET 2.0 technologies and the IBM Informix database. Participated in the full lifecycle of the project including producing architectural and design artifacts, unit tests, completed code and documentation. Introduced developer unit tests to the project.

Network Alarm Management System March 2004 - March 2007, OutPost Sentinel, Alpharetta GA. Created an interactive website interface to network alarm monitoring and notification dispatch system using Java and XSLT to run inside the Tomcat servlet container. Designed the core MySQL database that acts as the central integration point for system components. Additionally, enhanced the web user interface with Java Applets that provide a VT-100 console interface to interact with various remote components through the Emergency Network Specialist (ENS) network device.

Internal Projects June 2005 - August 2005, Applied Information Sciences Reston, VA. Assisted in internal research projects and proposals integrating the use of Microsoft Office InfoPath, SharePoint Services and BizTalk 2004.

Fisheries Scientific Computing System 2.0 August 2004 - June 2005, NOAA Marine and Aviation Operations, Silver Spring MD. Designed and implemented components of the next generation of NOAA Fisheries shipboard data acquisition systems using C#, SQL Server and Oracle. Member of the NOAA Fisheries data acquisition system database design team. Prototyped user interface concepts to facilitate brainstorming activities for meetings with Fisheries stake-holders.

Near Real-time ship mapping and information display (ShipTracker 1.0) November 2003 - December 2004, NOAA Marine and Aviation Operations, Silver Spring MD. Redesigned the next generation of the NOAA Ship Tracking interactive website and supporting service software to include additional functionality and leverage ASP.NET, SQL server and ESRI technologies.

Fisheries Scientific Computing System 1.5 September 2003 - July 2004, NOAA Marine and Aviation Operations, Silver Spring MD. Refactored an existing pier-to-pier Microsoft MFC based suite of applications designed to automate the collection of biological and oceanographic measurements and observations during trawl-based NOAA Fisheries surveys. Identified and eliminated existing defects, including memory leaks, and implemented enhancements desired for the point release. Additionally provided on-site technical support during the initial deployment of the new software.

User Tools for Network Device December 2002 - December 2004, OutPost Sentinel, Alpharetta GA. Implemented user tools that provide access to the Emergency Network Specialist (ENS) network device. The tools are written in Java using the Swing user interface elements.

Financial Database Management System (FDMS) Rollup Reports July 2002 - August 2003, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (NOAA/PMEL), Seattle WA. Designing and implementing a website and associated server software that provide a consolidated view of budgetary information stored in multiple laboratory-level budgetary databases (Microsoft Access). A windows service written in C# provides access to the central MS SQL Server database containing the consolidated data. Communication with the server consists of requests and responses encoded in XML sent over raw socket connections. The client website is hosted on Tomcat and leverages the Cocoon 2.0 framework.

Beluga Whale Tracking and Web Display January - February 2003, NOAA/PMEL, Seattle WA. Designed and implemented a website and associated server software that provides access to Beluga Whale tracking data through an ArcIMS web interface. The system, written in Java, obtains the most recent satellite transciever tracking data from an automated telnet service, uploads the new data into a MySQL database. Data is retrieved at periodic intervals, exported as a ShapeFile and uploaded to the ArcIMS server. Additional tasks included installing a fresh copy of ArcIMS 4.0 on a Sun server.

Near Real-time ship mapping and information display (ShipTracker Beta) July 2001 - July 2002, NOAA/PMEL, Seattle WA. Designed and implemented a website and associated server software that provides near real-time access to NOAA vessel locations and weather information. The system, written entirely in Java, receives ship data via formatted email messages, processes these messages, stores the information in a MySQL database, generates new display maps through ArcIMS and then updates the public website served by Apache/Tomcat.

Retainer September 2001 - December 2002, Kada Research, Inc. Stafford, TX. Provide miscellaneous consulting services to Kada Research, Inc., including development of prototype information systems and interactive websites for the generation of dynamic reports. Technologies currently leveraged include Java JDK 1.4.1, SVG, XML, XSLT and Microsoft SQL Server.

Conveyance System Cost Estimation Software May 2000 - June 2002, King County, Seattle WA. Designed and implemented software to estimate planning level cost for sewer conveyance improvements. This Java program includes a customized application launcher written in C++ for the Win32 platform. Modifying the XML configuration file containing the instructions for the calculation of cost estimates for various conveyance structures updates the software's behavior without the need to recompile or re-deploy the entire application.

Automated Metadata Generation Framework July 2000 - June 2002, NOAA/PMEL, Seattle WA. Designed and implemented a framework of tools to scan observational data and produce formal Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) metadata. The software uses XML and XSLT to convert data between formats. It is written in Java and uses Xalan and Xerces libraries and the central metadata data store is a MySQL database. The toolkit includes programs to read and extract metadata from observational data sets; provides a graphical user interface to edit metadata contained in the central data store, and includes various diagnostic tools to examine data at various states of translation from one form to another.

Financial Database Management System (FDMS) PI Web Reports January - July 2001, NOAA/PMEL, Seattle WA. Designed and implemented an intranet website and associated server and administration software that provides access to current budgetary information for project leaders and scientists throughout the laboratory. A central HTTP/XML server provides an XML API into FDMS system itself (implemented as a set of distributed Access Databases). It is an IIS4.0/5.0 application written primarily in Visual Basic and leverages the MSXML3 parser. The intranet website, written primarily in Visual Basic and running under IIS5, uses XSLT to transform XML queries from the server into the HTML sent to the User's Browser. The stand-alone administration software, written in Java, communicates with the server using XML over the HTTP protocol in similar manner. Additionally implemented a prototype HTTP/XML Server written in C# (beta) for use on the Microsoft .NET platform to replace the Access Databases with a central SQL Server implementation.

Geographical Information System (GIS) Tools August 2000 - July 2001, NOAA/PMEL, Seattle WA. Designed a software library, written in Java, that provides tools to manipulate and translate data to and from popular GIS systems, including the ESRI Shapefile format and the ArcIMS server. These tools enable the transfer of data into GIS systems from in-house data formats, and extract graphical renderings of the data from GIS systems for uses such as providing near-real time maps of NOAA Ship locations on public access websites.

Furniture eCommerce Portal February - May 2000, ShopNow.com, Seattle WA. Worked with a team on a phased effort to develop an eCommerce web portal for the furniture industry. The project centered on the BroadVision eCommerce platform as well as other technologies including JSP, SQL Server, XML, XSLT, ASP, COM and CORBA. Focused on an administration website and supporting components that would generate retailer customized web scripts for the BroadVision platform, based on retailer specified preferences using XSLT transforms.

Use Case Documentation System February - March 2000, ShopNow.com, Seattle WA. Designed and implemented an intranet site for entering, editing and reviewing use case scenario documentation for multiple projects. The business logic tier of this IIS 5.0 website largely resided in Visual Basic COM objects that relied upon XSL (IE 5.0 parser) transformations to render HTML to the browser. The data store for this site consisted of a SQL Server 7.0 database.

Construction Subcontractor Database Management Program November 1999 - February 2000, ShopNow.com, Seattle WA (acquired AXC Interactive). Extended the existing functionality of a Visual Basic DHTML application. Visual Basic compiled DLL in combination with VBScript enabled HTML pages. Other aspects included extension of the support website (ASP) and data interchange between the server and client software using XML as the transfer medium.

Real-time Multi-lingual Class Registration Demonstration Website October - November 1999, AXC Interactive, Seattle WA. Created an IIS 5.0 (beta) website demonstrating the use of the IE 5.0 XML parser and XML technology to create a real-time multi-lingual website. The business logic for this site resided in a compiled Visual Basic COM object, which used multiple XSL transformations to render the HTML to the browser in the user's desired language. The data store, designed with multiple languages in mind, was a SQL 7.0 database. Presented this demonstration website at the Seattle XML User's group November 1999 meeting.

Microsoft Event Registration System May - October 1999, AXC Interactive, Seattle WA. Member of the team that created a web based event registration system. Developed components that leveraged XSL and XML on IIS 5.0 (beta) using ASP to generate interactive multi-lingual web pages; creation of ATL and Visual Basic components used by ASP pages throughout the site; and components to transfer customer registration and billing information in XML format using MSMQ technology.

Microsoft Certificate Server Components April - May 1999, AXC Interactive, Seattle WA. Worked with a team to extend an existing secure document delivery system running on IIS 4.0 and Microsoft Certificate Server. Implemented a custom COM policy module using C++ (ATL) to be integrated into Certificate Server.

Customer Comment Data Entry Program November 1998 - February 1999, Pierce County Transit, WA. Created a two-tier Visual Basic program integrating customer comment data entry and reporting activities. The customized interface included custom controls written in Visual Basic and direct API calls to simulate Internet Explorer style buttons. The reporting interface involved a custom control embedding the Internet Explorer control using C++ (ATL) with JavaScript calling into the hosting application. The program interfaced with MS Access but was designed to scale to SQL server.

Software linking the USGS groundwater MODFLOW with GIS software applications ArcView and Arc/Info August 1997 - December 1998, University of Washington, Seattle WA. Created an ActiveX document object to wrap the MODFLOW input and output file architecture using Visual Basic and Visual Fortran. Additional custom components included COM objects to read and write graphical information system (GIS) interchange files written in Visual Basic and numerical manipulation and visualization controls written in C++ (ATL). These components were used to aid in manipulating large volumes of data for a regional groundwater flow model of the Duwamish River basin in Seattle Washington.

Column Study Summer 1997, University of Washington, Seattle, WA. Developed a simple fate and transport modeling software package simulating one-dimensional advection and dispersion of a reactive solute originating from a contaminant spill. It models the processes of transport, sorption and reaction in the aqueous and sorbed phases of a solute. The software application is implemented in Visual Basic 4.0.

Integrated Suite of Sewer Planning Modules January 1996 - July 1997, Brown & Caldwell, Seattle, WA. Developed an integrated suite of ActiveX enabled applications using Visual Basic 5.0 as a part of a comprehensive sewer maintenance plan for the LOTT authority. The modules connect to Access, DBF files and to each other for data exchange. Additionally the suite of tools uses a custom graphing control written in C++ (ATL).

Information Management System for Stormwater Inventory Project June 1995 - July 1996, City of Portland, OR. Created a two-tier Access 2.0 database inventory system and designed custom software for in-field data collection on portable pen-enabled computers that linked to the inventory system. Development environments tools included Access 2.0, Visual Basic 3.0 and 4.0.

BUGS Scratchpad July 1993 - June 1995, University of Washington, Seattle, WA. Developed a flexible fate and transport numerical groundwater modeling software package simulating multi-species, multi-phase chemical and biokinetic reactions in saturated porous medium. The user interface was programmed in Visual Basic 3.0 while the numerical calculations were implemented in C++.

Automated calibration program for EPA's module SWMM May - July 1992, Harza Environmental Services, Chicago, IL. Created a calibration program for EPA's module SWMM using Quick C that would read and write SWMM data files and would accept a dynamic instruction file created by a Microsoft Excel macro.

Data Acquisition Interface May - July 1991, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM. Developed a data acquisition user interface using LabView for measuring the mechanical properties of bridging particles used in lost circulation control for geothermal drilling.

Water Resources Planning Software. January - July 1990, Harza Engineering, Chicago IL. Developed water resources planning software user interfaces using FORTRAN and the HALO'88 graphics library.



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