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3.2 Parameters

BUGS SCRATCHPAD recognizes three types of parameters; system, mobile, and immobile parameters. It requires the system parameters to represent the most basic of aquifer systems. System parameters include hydraulic head, hydraulic conductivity, and material porosity. They are defined at every node in the aquifer and can not be deleted or added by the user. However, a user can alter initial values and relationships though reactions.

Parameters that are added and deleted by the user are mobile and immobile parameters (collectively referred to as user parameters). Mobile parameters are, as the name implies, mobile. These parameters have advection and dispersion properties. They are usually solutes in the fluid (usually water) that saturates the aquifer. Transport processes and reactions change mobile species concentration at nodes. Immobile species concentrations are only changed by reaction processes.

The minimum amount of data required to represent most parameters is the initial value at each node. This can be done by specifying a default concentration, or by explicitly specifying it at every node. In addition to the initial value, mobile parameters require the definition of dispersivity and diffusion coefficients.

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