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6.7 Editing Reactions

BUGS SCRATCHPAD hosts a large suite of reactions found in many aquifers. Since reactions are the most important part of the BUGS SCRATCHPAD implementation, they are also the most difficult to explain.

Reactions are used in a variety of ways. They are serve as rules defining how mass transfer between parameters occurs. For example, sorption of methane to aquifer solids is an example of a linear isotherm reaction. A more complicated example would be consumption of methane and oxygen by a concentration of methanotrophs producing carbon dioxide using a double Monod relationship. Cometabloism of TCE and intermediate toxicity effects of TCE-Epoxide could affect methane consumption, not to mention biomass growth and decay. One can see how a set of individually simple equations can couple together to produce a highly nonlinear aquifer system. This section describes how simple components combine together to form the complex system that BUGS SCRATCHPAD can understand.

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