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8.4 Tabular Output

The most useful output feature provided by BUGS Scratchpad is the tabular output table. The numbers in this table can be transferred to other programs via the clipboard. To view the output grid, from the Windows menu, select Output. Figure 8.4 illustrates a typical output screen.

Simulation Output Grid

Figure 8.4 Numerical Output

The output grid can display information in any desired format or configuration. If the user desires time displayed in columns instead of Y coordinates, they simply need to position the mouse pointer over the Time caption, press down on the left mouse button, move the mouse pointer to the Y axis caption while keeping the button depressed, then release the mouse button. (This is also called Drag and Drop.) The corresponding window would then look like Figure 8.5.

wpe136.gif (7713 bytes)

Figure 8.5 Adjusted Numerical Output

In this way the output can be configured to the user’s needs.

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