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9.1 The Windows Clipboard

Currently, BUGS SCRATCHPAD supports the windows clipboard cut, copy, and paste commands. The clipboard commands are found on the Edit menu. In addition to the edit menu, the user can use the shortcut keys Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C, and Ctrl-V for cut, copy, and paste respectively. These commands work with most text edit boxes, combo boxes, and editing grids. The utility of these commands can be easily seen with the use of editing grids. For example, say the user has a spreadsheet depicting the current concentrations of contaminant in an aquifer. The user needs to enter these initial concentrations into BUGS SCRATCHPAD. Instead of entering the concentrations by hand, the user can use the copy and paste commands. Simply copy the values to the clipboard in the spreadsheet program, then switch to bugs, bring up the nodes window in grid view, select the contaminant and then use the paste command. The initial conditions are entered.

Not only can initial conditions be entered via the clipboard, output data can also be transferred. For example, if the user has a superior graphing package to that supplied by BUGS SCRATCHPAD. The numerical values could be copied from the output grid and pasted into the graphing software.

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