This page describes the currently available demonstrations of how to use BUGS Scratchpad. These demonstrations are now a part of the on-line version of the User's Manual. Additional examples can be found in the on-line version of A Two Dimensional Numerical Model for Simulating the Movement and Biodegradation of Contaminants in a Saturated Aquifer, a Master's Thesis by Jason E. Fabritz, 1995.
  • Conservative Tracer Test, User's Manual

    This tutorial presents how to enter the simplest of simulations, a conservative tracer experiment in a one dimensional aquifer with a constant concentration source at the inlet. It includes both a text description and screen snapshotss. You won't even need BUGS Scratchpad to get a feel for the program using this document.

  • Kinetic Sorption/Desorption, User's Manual

    This tutorial presents how to modify the previous example to include kinetic sorption and desorption in the simulation.

  • First Order Decay, User's Manual

    This tutorial presents how to modify the Kinetic Sorption/Desorption lesson to include first order decay.

  • Two-Dimensional Conservative Tracer, User's Manual

    This tutorial expands the first tutorial example into two dimensions.

  • Saturated Confined aquifer with a TCE spill, Tech. Manual

    This example analyzes a one-dimensional flow and transport problem in a saturated confined aquifer contaminated with a TCE spill. Chemical processes and reactions modeled include TCE dissolution, sorption, and biodegradation by methanotrophs

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