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1.1 Description

BUGS SCRATCHPAD is a computer program designed to model many of the subsurface processes in a two-dimensional saturated aquifer. The program models advection and dispersion, sorption and desorption, biotic and abiotic chemical reactions and equilibrium conditions. BUGS SCRATCHPAD does this using an operator-splitting technique coupled with the Linear Integration method to solve the governing equations of each subsurface process.

BUGS SCRATCHPAD runs under Microsoft Windows 3.1 and provides a straightforward user interface. This interface enables the user to quickly create small simulations for "back of the envelope" calculations; such as estimating initial parameters to be used in a larger simulation. In addition, its cut and paste integration with the Windowsclipboard allows for data entry from spreadsheets for larger, more complex groundwater systems.

This user’s manual describes how to use BUGS SCRATCHPAD. It assumes the reader has a reasonable understanding of contaminant hydrogeology and its terms; and a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows . For additional information on how BUGS SCRATCHPAD solves the set of governing equations, see the BUGS SCRATCHPAD Technical Reference. For an introduction to contaminant hydrogeology, see Contaminant Hydrogeology (Fetter, 1994) or a similar text.

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