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1.2 Organization of this Manual

This manual describes how to use BUGS SCRATCHPAD to create and run an aquifer simulation and view the results. If the program has not been installed on the computer yet, the user should first read Chapter 2, Installation.

New users should read Chapter 3, Elements of an Aquifer Simulation, first. This chapter explains the program’s conceptual framework and modeling perspective. It describes the parts that make up a BUGS SCRATCHPAD aquifer simulation.

For those users desiring a guided tour of BUGS SCRATCHPAD, Chapter 13, Examples and Lessons, is provided. This chapter guides the user through a simple one dimensional aquifer simulation (as well as other more complicated simulations.) All the necessary tasks are included in the lessons, no prior knowledge of BUGS SCRATCHPAD is needed. However, it is recommended to at least read Chapter 3 first.

Chapters 4 through 8 discuss the operational details of BUGS SCRATCHPAD. This includes file operations, entering and editing reactions, running a simulation, and viewing output.

For a quick summary of commands available or a description of the menu hierarchy, see Chapter 9, Menus. This chapter contains a brief description of each menu item and its action.

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Last Updated October 1, 2001