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BUGS SCRATCHPAD uses three principal components to represent an aquifer system. They are the aquifer, parameters, and reactions. The aquifer refers to the discretized representation of the aquifer; its size and shape, and mesh properties. Parameters refer to the value of properties at a node such as the value of hydraulic head or hydraulic conductivity. Parameters can also refer to the concentration of various solutes or sorbed species at a given node. Reactions are means by which values of components change, such as desorption of a sorbed phase to a solute phase, first order decay, or reduction in hydraulic conductivity due to biomass growth.

In addition to these three principal building blocks, other components aid the organization of data and simplify editing. They can be thought of as container objects, such as the Reaction System, which refers to a collection of reactions. Also, one can define a name which refers to a point in the aquifer, known as an Alias.

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