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In order to install and run the BUGS Scratchpad, the computer must be an IBM compatible 386 or higher computer. There must be at least 2.5 Mbytes of free disk space for installation of the program. This excludes the space required for simulation files. BUGS SCRATCHPAD uses Microsoft Windows 3.1 or later versions as its operating environment.

To install BUGS SCRATCHPAD, follow these procedures:

  1. Start Microsoft Windows if not already running.
  2. Quit any running applications in Windows
    (Setup may interfere with these programs)
  3. Insert Disk 1 of the BUGS install disks into drive A: or B:
  4. From the Program Manager Select Run from the File Menu
  5. Type "a:\setup" at the prompt (or "b:\setup")
  6. Follow the instructions provided by the setup program.
    (Choosing an install directory other than the provided default requires
    extra steps described below)

BUGS SCRATCHPAD should now be installed and ready to run.

Note: The setup program provides a default application directory for installation. If a directory other than this default is chosen, the "BCOMP.PIF" file must be modified. The application and working directory in BCOMP.PIF must be changed to reflect the non-default application directory. This file can be edited with the PIF editor provided by Windows 3.1 . (BCOMP.PIF resides in the application directory.)

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Last Updated October 1, 2001