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4. File Operations

Before the discussion of file operations, it is necessary to give a brief overview of the files used by BUGS SCRATCHPAD. The following table shows the extensions associated with a BUGS SCRATCHPAD project:

Table .1 Files used by BUGS Scratchpad

Extension Description
.bgs BUGS SCRATCHPAD Database File. It contains all the information associated with constructing an aquifer simulation. Typically this is the only file the user will interact with.
.bgi Simulation routine input File. It contains a numerical representation of the aquifer. BUGS SCRATCHPAD creates it prior to calling the simulation routine. (ASCII Format)
.bgo Simulation Routine Output file. These file contain the value profiles of parameters in the aquifer as a function of time. It is written by the simulation routine. (Binary Format)
.bgt Simulation time file. It contains a list of the simulation time periods written to disk. It is written by the simulation routine. (Binary Format)

Typically only *.bgs files will be seen by the user. BUGS SCRATCHPAD automatically handles the others.

BUGS SCRATCHPAD can only open one project at a time. To create a new project, simply select New from the File menu. To save a BUGS SCRATCHPAD file to disk, chose the Save command from the File menu. If a new project has not been previously saved to disk, the user will be prompted for a filename. A project can be also saved with a new file name by using the Save As command from the File menu. For more information on the File menu, see the section on menus later in this document.

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