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BUGS SCRATCHPAD provides two formats for entering and editing data, "Form" and "Grid" views. A "Form" view of a window usually displays information for one item at a time. This can be quite useful, however it does limit the user to viewing a small part of the system at a time. For one who is most comfortable working in a spreadsheet-type environment, BUGS SCRATCHPAD provides a "Grid" view. The grid view typically shows lists of items in the window. It should be noted that sometimes it would not be logical to show certain information on a grid, and the same for the form view. Some information may only be accessible through a certain view, such as a list of node coordinates.

It is easy to switch between views of a window. If the user wishes to see the form view, they can either click on the [Form] button on the tool bar or select Form from the View menu. If the user desires to see the grid view, they can select the [Grid] button on the tool bar or select Grid from the View menu. If the desired views available, it is because the current information cannot be displayed in that type of view.

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Last Updated October 1, 2001