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6.12 Specifying a Reaction System for a Reaction

Before a reaction can be used by BUGS SCRATCHPAD, it needs to be included in a reaction system. The Reaction System in turn is specified at a node. This is the way in which BUGS SCRATCHPAD assigns which reactions occur at each node.

With the Reactions Window open in Form View, select the Reaction Systems Tab Figure 6.10 illustrates the corresponding screen.

Figure 6.10 Reactions Window for Choosing Reaction Systems

This screen allows the user to select which reaction systems include this particular reaction. It can be seen from Figure 6.10 that reaction 1 is included in Reaction Systems 1 and 3, but not 2. Reaction Systems 1 and 3 include Reaction 1. To link Reaction with a Reaction System, select the reaction in the Not Contained In list and click the button (or simply double click the system). To remove the link, select the system in the Contained In list and click the (or double click on the system). To unlink all systems click the button and to link all systems click the button.

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