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6.15 Adding and Deleting Reaction Systems

To add a reaction system, first display the reaction systems window (as discussed above). When the reaction systems window opens for the first time, there will be no reaction systems. The program automatically prompts the user to enter a name for a new reaction system. Figure 6.27 shows the add reaction systems dialog box.

Figure 6.27 Add Reaction Systems Dialog Box

Simply type the new name of the reaction and press ENTER or click on the OK button. To add additional reaction systems, click on the Add button in the reaction systems window and follow the above procedure. Reaction system names must be unique. If the user specifies a name already used by a reaction system, no reaction system will be added.

To delete a reaction system, simply select the desired system in the reaction system list box, and click on the remove button. If only one reaction system exists, the remove button will not be enabled. Each aquifer system must have at least one reaction system. Deleting a reaction system is an irreversible process. It can not be undone.

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