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Welcome to BugBytes™, Inc.’s download area. By downloading software from this site, you agree to the terms of BugBytes, Inc.’s End User License Agreement. The following programs are offered free of charge:

Sheet Music (From the Windows Store)

Sheet Music is a musician’s electronic performance binder. The inspiration for this application is the volunteer liturgical musician, who, over the years has acquired a sizable personal portfolio of accompaniments and arrangements.

Flash Cards (From the Windows Store)

Practice your math speed drills with Flash Cards. This electronic version of classic math flash cards tests your speed at completing a series of math problems up to tables of 12. How fast can you finish a quiz?

Numberator (From the Windows Store)

Numberator is a simple animated random number picker for values between one and nine hundred ninety nine.

BUGS™Scratchpad 1.1 (1961KB) (32-bit OS Only)

BUGS™ Scratchpad 1.1 is a flexible contaminant fate and transport numerical model that includes chemical and biokinetic reactions. It simulates two dimensional fate and transport of multiple reactive solute and sorbed species. For more information, please visit the product information page or the User’s Manual.

Column Study (1481KB) (32-bit OS Only)

Column Study is simple one-dimensional numerical model that simulates advection and dispersion of a reactive solute originating from a contaminant spill. It models the processes of transport, sorption and reaction in the aqueous and sorbed phases of a solute. For more information, please visit the product information page or the User's Manual.