BugBytes®, Inc.
Groundwater Fate and Contaminant Modeling Software

BUGS™ Scratchpad 1.1 is a flexible contaminant fate and transport numerical model that includes chemical and biokinetic reactions. It simulates two dimensional fate and transport of multiple reactive solute and sorbed species. Reactions include single and multiple ordered, monod, double monod and competitive inhibition reactions; and kinetic or equilibrium paritioning.

BUGS™ Scratchpad 1.1 provides the following:

To solve the governing equations, BUGS™ Scratchpad 1.1 implements the Integrated Operator Splitting method using an Explicit Finite difference solution for the transport of solute species and the Linear Integrated Method for the solution of chemical and biological reactions.

Note: BUGS™ Scratchpad was originally written to run under Microsoft Windows 3.1. It is partially what is called a 16-bit application. It will run under Windows '95, Windows NT/2000 and the 32-bit versions of Windows 7 and Windows 10 (including virtual machine guest operating systems). It will not run directly inside a 64-bit windows operating system.

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